The False Dichotomy Of Direct Mail vs E-Mail – Print & Web-Based Solutions Work Best In Partnership

Solomon Thimothy - December 16, 2008

Much has been written about the benefits of using as much web-based technology as possible in your marketing campaigns.  The argument goes – correctly – that more and more people are shopping online, networking online and reading their newspapers online.  Producing and sending an eDirect-mailer is cheaper than producing and sending a traditional direct mailer.  That is all useful information.  But where a lot of people go wrong, is in the assumption that email marketing campaigns should replace, or at least begin to phase out traditional direct mail campaigns.

The evidence shows that the most effective marketing campaigns are ones that wisely use all the available channels.  The best one-to-one solution available to you is one involving a physical VDP (Variable Data Printing) mailer, and a web-based PURL landing page (Personalized URL).

Recently, a study was carried out on a marketing campaign launched by the clothing company Eddie Bauer*.  This study showed that when their direct mail piece was followed within 48 hours by an HTML email to the customer, the response rate was 60% higher than with direct mail alone.  Using both media in combination also resulted in a click-through to conversion rate on the email portion that was double what had been experienced when using email alone.  In addition, the order size increased by 66% over that for a single component campaign (in either media).

Combining these figures with what we have learned about the effectiveness of deep personalization and good data management  on campaigns, we see that if you want to boost the rate of return on your marketing budget, using print and web-based solutions in harmony is the way forward.

Contact us today at OneIMS to see how we can launch a cross-media campaign for you using the best technology available. If you are interested in Hubspot, we are a certified Chicago Hubspot company. Contact us.

*Eddie Bauer study conducted by Indivia

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