More Numbers On The Effect Of VDP (Variable Data Printing) & PURL (Personalized URLs) on ROI (Return On Investment)

Solomon Thimothy - December 5, 2008

Studies Show VDP & PURL Successfully Drive Up Response Rates & ROI

Recently, we have been writing about the benefits of personalization in a marketing campaign.  Today we want to drill home the point further.  One of the main reasons some people may be hesitant to adopt VDP (Variable Data Printing) or PURL (Personalized URLs) solutions is a lack of numbers indicating probable success.  We want to erase any hesitancy you may have.

James Mikes, Director of Technology for PODi, said last year that companies generally double their response rates when they switched from a static marketing campaign to a personalized one.  These rates range from approximately 3% for a campaign selling a single product to in excess of 13% for a loyalty campaign. These figures are known to get even higher when marketers are creative with their campaigns and introduce complimentary technology like PURL – Personalized URLs (See Taser case study).

However, all the available evidence points to the fact that personalization alone – while crucial – is not enough to drive up response rates and ROI.  In 2007 Caslon & Co. commissioned a report on response rates that showed personalization needs to be combined with a relevant marketing campaign.  They defined a campaign relevant if it was “a message about a product that the recipient needs, delivered when the recipient is ready to receive it.”

How do you make sure you are issuing relevant and personal marketing messages?  You must combine good personalization with a well-managed database.

Here at OneIMS we can provide you with creative VDP and PURL solutions as well as database management solutions – thereby giving you the best chance to drive up marketing response rates and in turn drive up ROI.  Please see and or contact us at 1-888-ONE-IMS1 for more information. If you are interested in Hubspot, we are a Chicago Hubspot agency. Contact us.

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