It’s time for your checkup! Direct marketing checkup that is.

Solomon Thimothy - December 3, 2008

Year after year, you keep getting that fun, little post card from your dentist reminding you that your checkup is coming up.  While we may think of direct mail campaigns as something of the past, they are still very much effective.  When you get that little postcard in the mail, you normally put it on your fridge and make a note to call and schedule your checkup.  So why is it that a postcard from your dentist is actually worth your time but not some postcard about replacing your windows?

First and foremost, your dentist is sending out a very targeted campaign.  He is sending out postcards to past and current clients in hopes that they will return year after year.  The service your dentist is offering is also a universal service that anyone can benefit from.  Unlike other direct marketing campaigns, obtaining a mailing list is simple if your services are universal.  So unlike getting a postcard for new windows when you are a renter, getting a postcard for a free dental exam or a reduced-price cleaning is more enticing.

In addition to sending out generic postcards, the ability to customize and choose from a variety of print postcards adds personality and importance to your message.  With the many affordable solutions out there, getting noticeable print products is easy.  You can pick your size, shape, colors and much more for a reasonable cost.  Then add your prospect or client’s name and you have a very targeted piece of direct mail.  If you want to make the offer even more irresistible, go ahead and schedule a tentative appointment and offer them something that they can’t resist such as a free teeth whitening service or a free child’s exam.

Making the most of your direct marketing mail pieces is profitable and highly effective if you have a clearly targeted audience, a touch of personalization and an irresistible offer.  Sometimes the best practices are those that have been around for a while, after all, they have passed the test of time.

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