Why Direct Mail Campaigns Should not be Part of the Past

Solomon Thimothy - November 30, 2008

It seems that each day we learn about a new marketing innovation.  From adding video posts to your website to having you listed in the new virtual yellow pages, there’s always someone trying to get your attention. This is the present and future of marketing.  But how effective are they at getting your attention? Sometimes the simple and time-tested marketing strategies are even more effective than the new marketing strategies.

Take a direct mail postcard.  Sure, it’s a simple, perhaps boring way to reach out to your customers, but let’s analyze its effectiveness.

  • Guarantee. One great thing about direct mail campaigns is that you are guaranteed that you will get noticed.  Unlike an ad in the local newspaper or even the yellow pages, getting that postcard directly in your readers’ hands guarantees that you will be noticed and your message will be delivered.
  • Competition. The amount of competition your direct mail piece has versus the competition an ad in the paper has is almost non-existent.  How many times have you placed an ad in the paper only to find that it got placed in the wrong section or that it got placed directly across an ad from your competitor?  Your direct mail piece guarantees that your message will be delivered just as you expect it.
  • Customization. You can customize the look for your piece for almost nothing.  This means you can make it as large as you want, use the colors you want and have it say or be anything you want.  Advertising with other venues like newspapers, catalogs or even online ads, limits you to creating an ad that meets a specific size and color scheme.  At the end, your ad looks just like everyone else’s ad.  You are not setting yourself apart and thus, your message gets lost.  A direct mail campaign allows you to fully customize your message, giving you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
  • Flexibility.  With your own direct mail campaigns you have the flexibility of sending your piece at any given time.  Newspapers, guides, yellow pages and most other advertising venues have deadlines that you have to adhere to.  That means that perhaps the timing of your ad will be off or it will be too late by the time it’s published.

While direct mail campaigns may seem outdated compared to all the new high-tech techniques, the power of a direct mail piece is still enormous.

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