Google Redefines Personalized Web-Searching

Solomon Thimothy - November 25, 2008

How often have you done a search on the Internet and wished it were more tailored to your needs?

Well, it seems that Google is the “fly on the wall” of many of our thoughts and their latest SearchWiki tweak to web searching proves efficient. For those who have a Google account, anytime you sign in before you search, you can personalize your searches by moving around the results you get by moving them up, down, or off the list.

For example, let’s say you do a search for “black Friday shopping”. If a result you like is listed at the bottom of the page and you think it ought to be moved up, you can! If you don’t like something you see, you can choose to hide it. You can also choose to add notes to your search results. The next time you sign in and perform the same search, your search is now personalized for you, the way you last left it.

So how does a user in Texas become affected by a user in Washington personalizing “black Friday shopping”? Since you have to be signed in to make changes, you’re only affecting your own searches; however your SearchWiki notes will be made public and identified with your Google nickname.

It’s unclear if comments made all over the globe will have any effect on site rankings, but be sure to sign up and test it out yourself. If you are interested in Hubspot, we are a Chicago Hubspot certified company. Contact us.

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