Database Management – Increasing the effectiveness of VDP

Solomon Thimothy - November 18, 2008

A long-held truth amongst marketing professionals is that an accurate, clean, well-populated database of client info is key to connecting with your customers.  This is especially true when it comes to utilizing variable data printing and personalized URL marketing.  If you are looking at VDP and PURL you already know that every customer is different and you want to find a way to tailor your sales pitch as much as you can (we have explored in previous posts just how beneficial this area of marketing is).  Database management will greatly increase the effectiveness of your project.

There are many creative ways to get customers to provide you with information – questionnaires combined with discount programs being the most obvious.  But just as important as getting the data in the first place is keeping it clean, well-organized and understood.  There are a myriad of behemoth databases out there (some belonging to top Fortune 500 companies) that sit semi-dormant because they are badly organized and the companies do not know how to mine the information.  That results in sloppy marketing projects that don’t connect to the customer base in any sort of personal way.

Some keys to keeping your database well managed are:

  • l dealing with data duplication (making sure the same information is not recurring in multiple places)
  • l data formatting (good data is regularly lost in a database when it is not formatted correctly)
  • l data accuracy (there are many publicly accessible databases – run by the postal service, among others – that can be used to keep the customer data you maintain fresh and correct)

There are other steps you can take to ensure the integrity of your data.  Here at OneIMS we are able to provide you with an impressive stable of services.  We believe that your marketing budget will be far better spent when your database is accurate, clean and well-populated.

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