E-mail Marketing: Still Going Strong

Solomon Thimothy - November 13, 2008

email-marketHave you spent a considerable amount of time working on an e-mail campaign only to realize that it might never reach the intended recipient’s Inbox? What if it ends up in their Junk mail folder, never to be seen again? Or worse, what if they choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list and click on the dreaded “mark as spam” button?

As change is taking place in our world, most recently evidenced by the financial crisis on Wall Street, it’s imperative to remember that marketing strategies must keep up with the times. In other words, change is not always a bad thing, but in terms of e-mail marketing, the techniques used today should be savvier than those used in previous years. As all these concerns are valid, instead of throwing in the towel regarding e-mail marketing, let’s take a look at why this marketing tool is still thriving and how you can utilize strategies to avoid being lost in the sea of other businesses.

One of the greatest advantages of this tool is being able to track its deliverability. As with any project you put time into, you want to know if it was successful and if you should employ the same strategy again next time. E-mail marketing offers these statistics to you so you are not left wondering, and also allows you to be wise about how you spend your time and money. Although postal campaigns have their own benefits, one of the drawbacks is that you don’t know how many people actually received the mailer and read it. On the other hand, an e-mail marketing system allows you to track the number of e-mails that were not only sent, but also how many were read, deleted, and what links they clicked on within the e-mail.

In today’s industry, the rise of smartphones (i.e. Blackberry, Palm Treo, etc.) have also added quicker access to the Internet, which translates to faster receipt of your e-mail. Especially as many of the people in the commerce industry spend time traveling, working with a business that utilizes e-mail marketing is a sigh of relief.

So how can you be confident that people are not only receiving your e-mails but they will choose to keep it coming? To save the day, enter opt-in lists. This means that the individual chooses to give you their name and e-mail to send future e-mails their way. A few ways to go about this include putting opt-in forms wherever you have a web presence. Include the forms on your site, your blogs, and any other place where people can link to your business. Another method is to utilize auto responder to respond to a request from an individual. The message should be brief letting them know what they’ve subscribed to, and remind them they can always opt-out if they choose to do so. This way, it’s putting the choice back into the hands of the customer.

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