MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Oh My! – Flock 2.0 Integrates Social Media Outlets

Solomon Thimothy - October 21, 2008

With the familiarity of Firefox, yet with a foundation all its own, Flock 2.0, the new social browser, boasts a combination of media tools that is sure to revolutionize your web-browsing experience.

Nearly a year after its beta release, the newest version of Flock is making waves as it aims to enhance what the Internet is most known for, the art of connection. With all the energy spent on keeping up with everything that’s the latest, why not make your social life easier by streamlining it? Enter Flock.

By integrating social services such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Picasa, to name a few, Flock’s developers had a specific audience in mind. The target market is the 18-34 year old demographic who depend heavily on staying up to date with who’s who, who’s where and why.

Yet, with all its “drag and drop” and “one-stop shopping” features, Flock seems to be lacking a few tools such as instant messaging and listening to podcasts. This could all change depending on feedback from the fans. Also, why name it “Flock”? Any thoughts?

So, is all this keeping in touch a bit overwhelming for you? Send us your comments!

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