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Solomon Thimothy - October 13, 2008

Strategic agility; Traditional management models of creating a long term business are flawed since our knowledge of the future is always imperfect and marketplace conditions are changing continuously. In order to curb this inconsistency having a clear long-term vision, particularly, where it isn’t based on environment analysis is very important. For instance keeping the vision fuzzy, but the priorities clear.

Marketplace evaluation for strategic agility can be achieved through reconnaissance which acts as a basis for strategic agility. This approach describes how the knowledge of future is based on uncertainty, but how the reconnaissance mission can be implemented if something was to go wrong during the business process.

Implications for Internet marketing strategy development

Strategic agility requires the bellow mentioned characteristics and requirements for an organization to be successful in its strategy development:

•    1. Efficient collection, dissemination and evaluation of different information sources from the micro and macro-environment.
•    2. Efficient process for generating new strategies based on creating new value for customers.
•    3. Efficient research into potential customer value against the business value generated.
•    4. Efficient implementation of prototype of new functionality to deliver customer value
•    5. Efficient measurement and review of results from prototypes to revise further to improve proposition or to end trial.

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