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Solomon Thimothy - September 24, 2008

User Photograph Galleries:  A Simple and Effective Social Marketing Strategy

Remember the popular Apple iPod advertising campaign featuring a series of dark silhouetted characters holding iPods and dancing to the music against brightly colored backgrounds?  One of the innovative features of this advertising campaign was an online photo gallery at the Apple website where iPod users could upload photographs of themselves using their iPods at unique and interesting locations.  Website visitors could browse through photos of individuals from all over the world, proudly displaying their iPods.

User photograph galleries are a simple and cost-effective way to attract traffic to your business website.  TripAdvisor.com allows hotel guests to upload hotel room snapshots and write reviews of hotel services for the consumer’s perspective.

A photograph gallery is an ideal vehicle to increase the visibility of your company’s brand.  Many businesses, from automotive manufacturers to detergent companies, have posted photographs of their products on photo-sharing sites such as Flickr to increase the exposure of their brand.

Allowing user-generated content, such as user photographs, on a business website allows Internet marketers to capitalize on the social media.  Website visitors can comment on photographs and link photographs to products on the site.  To encourage viral marketing through your photo gallery, provide tools to make it simple for website visitors to bookmark, forward, email, or print photographs.

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