Why the increasing interest in Social Media?

Solomon Thimothy - September 10, 2008

What is Social Media?

Social media uses Web 2.0 Internet technology to allow website visitors to communicate with other visitors and interact with site content. Popular social media sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, offer visitors opportunities to enter into dialogue about topics that matter to them. Readers can “tag” stories to share with others, rate content, or post comments.

Website visitors are active participants in an interactive landscape of information. Podcasts and blogs are also adopted by businesses as a medium of marketing and mass communications.

The Power of Social Media for Internet Marketing

Imagine a savvy Internet shopper searching for good deals on electronic equipment. Every business website boasts unparalleled quality and unbeatable low prices. How can today’s Internet business owner stand out from the crowd?

Many businesses are now beginning to provide social media interface on product websites for customers to comment on unique features of products or offer suggestions. Customers are welcomed to weigh the pros and cons of particular models, to post questions on community boards, and even to upload personal photographs of themselves enjoying the products and services of the company.

Through the power of social media, potential customers experience a visit to your business website not as passive recipients of information, but as dynamic players in an ever-changing information-driven online community.

Recent study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth reported that elite group of the fastest-growing companies within the United States are increasingly interested in and using Social Media. How about your business? Are you making use of the power of Social Media?

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