A shiny new face around browser-town: Google Chrome

Solomon Thimothy - September 10, 2008

After an “accidental” PR flop, Google announced the release of its new web browser, Google Chrome. Apparently, a comic book explaining the planning behind the new browser was sent out earlier than planned. Chrome’s beta version has officially been released and screams what all of Google’s products have in common; simple and clean. It sounds like I’m referring to cotton made products, but not so, as Chrome is built to be tough enough to play with the other big boys in town.

Here are a few of the features that Chrome boasts, compared to other browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Main Google Chrome Features

* Crash Control – β€œ The star feature: every tab runs as a separate process which means a crashed tab doesn’t close all your other open tabs as well.
* New tab page – instead of a blank page or a default page, shows your most visited pages, most used search engines and recently bookmarked sites.
* Omnibox is the only box you have in Chrome – web search, history, address bar, etc. As you type, you receive suggestions.
* Application shortcuts – Open web applications such as Gmail, Google reader, etc directly from Desktop with shortcuts.
* No download manager – no more annoying popup download manager.

On a somewhat related side note, since 2006, Microsoft’s IE team sends a cake to Mozilla every time they release a new version. I’ve heard no buzz about Google receiving any such gifts. Or maybe it’s better to give than to receive, as in the case of Netscape “receiving a gift” from IE many years ago; a metal shell of the IE icon dumped on Netscape’s front lawn in the middle of the night, after IE 4.0’s release. No joke. In response, Netscape spray paints “Netscape Now” over the IE icon and stands their mascot on top of the metal “e”. Browser wars can tend to escalate…

What are your thoughts on Chrome? Here’s a link to the must read comic book.


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