Making your Wide Format Project a Success

Samuel Thimothy - May 18, 2008

Are you ready to make a splash?Ready to grab everyone’s attention?Then you’re ready to start on your wide format printing project.As with any project, thinking ahead of time will avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments.Most importantly, it will allow you to choose the right type of wide format printing for your needs.Once you’re ready to start on your wide format project, make sure you can answer these questions.

1. What message does the signage need to convey?
Is it a new service or product you are promoting?Is it a special promotion?Think about the image and the purpose of your signage before moving on to the next step.

2. Is it informative or entertaining?
If you’re going for entertainment, make sure your signage makes a lasting impression.Think about colors, eye-catching images and attention grabbing quotes that entertain and draw customers in.Going for an informative approach?What information needs to be conveyed?How much information is too much?Successful signage is a delicate balance between relevant information and a promotion offer.Too much information can be overwhelming.Just enough information can be a great teaser.

3. How long will the sign/graphic be used – is it temporary, permanent or reusable?
When deciding the type of sign you will be creating, think about how long you will use it for.Is this a sign you want to use for a specific season only?A one-time promotion?Does it require a date?Will a date render it non-reusable?Reusable is better, but keeping the same sign up forever gets boring.On the other hand, having an outdated sign is false advertising and annoying for your customers.Wide format printing is a relatively inexpensive solution that allows you to print large format graphics to keep a fresh look.Seasons change, holidays change and tastes change.Make sure to update your graphics and have a fresh look all year round to keep your audience excited.

4. What conditions will the sign be exposed to?
Before deciding on the specific type of printing method, make sure you know where your signage will be used.If your sign is for outdoor use, make sure you choose a media that will withstand sun damage, rain, wind and general wear and tear.If it’s for indoor use, what temperature will it be exposed to?Is it meant to go on windows with high exposure to sunlight or hung on walls or away from sunlight.Does it require lamination?Should it be UV coated to prevent fading?Whichever your needs are, a wide format printing consultant can let you know what the best medium for your printing project is.

5. What is the average distance between the sign/graphic and the intended viewer?
Once you know where you will post your signs, think of how large and clear the images and text need to be on your signage.Ask several people to give you their opinion.

6. Who is the intended audience?
This is by far one of the most important things to keep in mind.Is your sign meant to get children excited?Then think bold images and bright colors.Is it meant for a specific group interested in specific things?Think about the type of colors, images and fonts that will attract your target audience.

7. Will the sign require special installation?
Once you know the size and location of your sign, figure out if it will require special installation.Will you require wall mounts, posts, outdoor installers, permits or other equipment?Make a list of all the equipment you will need so that installation will be a smooth process.

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