Celebrate Earth Day and Print Green!

Samuel Thimothy - April 20, 2008

Earth Day is here! As a business, it’s hard to think about what you can do to make your business greener and more environmentally friendly. One great way to be more eco-friendly is to make sure you employ green printing options. Going green doesn’t mean going paperless. While creating E-commerce websites, E-Mail marketing and other online based solutions can greatly diminish your consumption of paper, you still can’t completely eliminate printing out of the equation of marketing. No other marketing method combines immediacy and permanency like print media.

How can you still take advantage of the benefits of printed materials and still print green? Well, there are several alternatives to print green. Green printing means that you are utilizing the best products and technologies available to make sure that your print media is environment-friendly and easily recyclable. Before starting a new printing job, talk to your print provider about your options to print green.

Today, with the environment on everyone’s mind, printing companies have many options to offer consumers who wish to print green. For example, post-consumer recycled paper is a great option for printing. Reducing the amount of coatings on your print job is also another way to keep your paper media recycle bin-friendly. Special inks, such as soy ink, are also gaining popularity, as they are not filled with chemicals as regular printing inks are.

You should also discuss digital on-demand printing with your printing company. On-demand digital printing is by far one of the best ways to preserve paper and help the environment. Digital printing allows you to print in small quantities when you need them. Unlike regular offset printers that require large amounts of printing to be cost effective, digital printing allows you to print materials as you need them in much smaller quantities.

This is a great idea if you are a small business or your print media changes often. You don’t want to be caught with leftover brochures that are outdated or no longer relevant. The ability to print on-demand reduces the costly warehousing and landfill waste. Digital machines also use fewer solvent than most conventional presses. With a properly color calibrated digital press you could reduce the amount of time needed for make-ready and completely eliminate paper and ink wastage. In addition to all that, digital printing allows you to print your materials with a fast turnaround and in smaller quantities.

Besides quick turnaround, digital print-on-demand allows you to introduce elements of customization and specialization into your printed products, giving you the opportunity to create materials that show your targeted audience the exact information that would interest and engage them. By taking advantage of these customization options and integrating digital print-on-demand with other aspects of your business, you can maximize the value of your printed products, all while being eco-friendly.

Next time you are going to the printer, take a moment to find out what you can do to create earth-friendly print materials. Thinking of celebrating the Earth Day as a company? How about using print-on-demand as an option for your next print media campaigns? If you are interested in Hubspot, we are a certified Chicago Hubspot company. Contact us.

If you need further assistance in going green with your print projects, contact us at OneIMS. Whatever your printing needs may be, an expert is there to help you. For more information on our printing capabilities, please visit our website at OneIMS.com

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