Five Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Samuel Thimothy - March 18, 2008

7 ways to ensure your direct mailAre you considering a direct mail campaign in the near future? Looking for some tips on how to be successful at it? Read on to discover a few proven direct marketing strategies to double or even triple the response rate.

1. Enhanced Data – First and foremost get the right list, and get it right! It is very critical that you set the criteria for the recipients of your direct mail piece. What does that mean for your business? Let’s break it down. 60% of your mails success depends on the list itself. It is imperative that you obtain a mailing list with the correct target audience for your product or services. If you send your direct mail pieces to the wrong audiences, your message would irrelevant and your money is wasted. As important as it is to have the right audience in mind, equally important is to have a list that is current. Not only are you saving money on postage by using a clean and current data, you are actually increasing the success of your direct mail campaign.

2. Enticing offer – Make sure that you use an alluring offer to increase response rate. Giving something away or giving a discount will always get people’s attention. However, it is very important that the offer is relevant and in proportion with the service or product that you are trying to promote. You must balance the desired response with the right incentive. Before you craft an offer, ask yourself if you would respond to that particular offer. Your initial focus should be on motivating the customers to act, rather than calculating the cost of implementing the promotion. Always put a sense of urgency and deadline in your copy.

3. Engaging Message – Ensure the message matches the target audiences. Get to the point quickly. Make the offer very prominent in the copy. Be clear and concise. Make it personal and conversational. Always remember to have a call to action. Don’t just list and discuss the features, but focus on the end-user benefits. Avoid using technical jargons. Always include all of your contact information. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional to do the strategic messaging and copywriting.

4. Energetic Creative – Don’t compromise on the quality of the marketing piece. Hire a professional design team. Graphics should be relevant to your headline and message. Images should be eye-catching and appealing to the target audience. Not only is the graphic design aspect is important, the quality of your printed material is also equality important. Both of these aspects combined reflect the image of your company that you want to portray.

5. Ensure Easy Response methods – Always make sure your offer is easy to respond to. Don’t make it cumbersome. Provide multiple channels for responding, such as a postage paid response card, a toll free number, an email address or a landing page.

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