What does your website say about your business?

Solomon Thimothy - January 3, 2008

While many business owners realize that having a website is a step in the right direction, the quality of that website can be a double-edged sword. In this technological, internet-driven age, having an online presence vital, but having a website simply for the sake of having a website can turn your customers away.

Imagine yourself on the worldwide web looking for a specific product or service. You use your preferred search engine and type in your search keywords. Eureka! You’ve found the website that you need.

While your online website may tell the customer that you offer that specific product or service, the way it is presented, or the amount of information they are able to receive goes a long way.

A website that lacks aesthetics, functionality and professionalism will most likely turn potential customers away. First impressions are crucial and sometimes definitive.

seo bullseyeExtension of Your Business

Your website should be an extension of your business. Even though it is found somewhere out in cyberspace, you should treat it as your front window. What do you put in your front window?

Only the best to attract your customers. That is exactly the same thing that your online website should be. By providing a functional, professional and aesthetically pleasing website, your potential online customers will be intrigued and will most likely purchase your product or service or even come in to your store.

Poorly Constructed Website

On the other hand, if you have a poorly constructed website, lacking important information and looking like a high-schooler did it for a tech class assignment, that’s exactly what your customer will think.

And why would they take you seriously?

Before launching yourself into the internet marketplace, make sure to seek out professional help. While cost may be a factor, being cheap may hurt you more than you think. Below are some tips to help you prepare once you have decided to join the internet marketplace.

  1. Seek out professionals in the field who specialize in web design and development
  2. Ask to see samples of their previous work
  3. Browse through websites of competitors and carefully study the characteristics of their sites
  4. Clearly define the goals for your website, including your business philosophy and the message you want to get across to potential customers
  5. Meet with both copywriters and designers, make sure they both know what you want
  6. Develop your vision for your website
  7. Review all content and design ideas
  8. Stay in close touch with your web design and development team; remember that they are creating a custom product for you, so don’t settle for anything you don’t like
  9. Make sure your website is tested to remove all bugs and errors
  10. Keep your website current and up to date

Your website should not thrown together. Remember that this is your business, and it is open 24/7 for everyone to visit, so make sure it’s a true reflection of your business and let professionals handle it.

So next time, before you jump at a cheap and quick offer, remember that your first impression can me a difference, especially in B2B marketing.

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