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The Best Chicago Online Marketing Company

The Best Chicago Online Marketing CompanyHave you been searching for the best internet marketing firm in Chicago, Illinois? OneIMS can give your business what it needs to succeed, with a complete package of services that includes SEO, PPC and display ads.

What Sets OneIMS Apart from Other Chicago Internet Marketing Firms?

To help our customers perform as well as they can, OneIMS offers a wide variety of online marketing services. We can develop a customized solution with a unique approach that gives you the results you want from your marketing campaign, with more access to high-quality leads looking for your products or services. We have the skills necessary to help small-to-medium-sized businesses get the best ROI from their marketing efforts, with experts in SEO, PPC, and display advertising.

Our in-house employees are capable of providing you with the most effective marketing campaigns, with a team of experienced and knowledgeable SEO strategists and specialists, web designers and developers, copywriters, analysts, social media experts, account managers, and more.

Another benefit of working with OneIMS is the lead tracking and reporting that you get through us. We can track and report all of your leads and show them to you via a simple, user-friendly online dashboard. You’ll have the ability to review all leads as they come, and determine how well your campaigns are performing based on the quality of leads and overall sales.

What You Need from a Chicago Online Marketing Consultant

What You Need from a Chicago Online Marketing ConsultantTo keep your business ahead of your competitors, there are certain elements that your online marketing efforts must have. OneIMS can help you meet all of your internet marketing needs with a selection of services that allow your business perform to its full potential.

On-site Content Creation and Optimization

One of the best ways to engage visitors to your website and encourage them to become customers is through high-quality content. At first, it may seem easy to write content that generates a positive image of your brand and influences visitors, but there are many aspects involved in content creation. You need to understand your audience’s specific needs, problems, and wants, and write content that appropriately addresses them. This is often challenging for businesses because of a common emphasis on company products and features instead of the benefits for the buyer. Prospective customers want to know exactly how you can help them, and this must be apparent in content.

Content should also have sufficient optimization to attract ideal organic traffic through Google and other search engines, through the use of keywords, backlinks, meta data, and other attributes that culminate in strong search-engine-friendly content.

Call and Lead Tracking

Without call and lead tracking, you may not know exactly where your leads are throughout the conversion and sales process. It’s important to know exactly where those promising leads are at all times to properly nurture them through the sales funnel. This is why you’ll benefit hugely from complete call tracking and lead tracking systems that can make sure that leads never feel neglected as you guide them toward a sale. Leads that see the attention they desire from companies will also likely feel that you truly care and are interested in meeting their needs.

Consistent and Reliable Reporting

Monthly internet marketing reports are vital to your campaign, helping you determine which areas are working and which require improvement. To achieve this, you need all of the relevant data you can gather, including traffic and conversions. An organized campaign will be capable of accurately identifying traffic and conversion sources, along with many other types of data. Through regular reporting, you should be able to clearly see how your campaign is improving based on the necessary changes you make.

Using our innovative Clickx Dashboard, you’ll be able to take a closer look at every area of your campaign. Our Dashboard includes several sections, such as:

  • SEO Reports — View your website’s rankings in Google and Bing, including specific keywords and which pages are ranking for them.
  • Site Audit — Get a detailed URL crawl that locates all URLs, including unique pages, duplicate pages, paginated pages, non-indexed pages, non-200 status codes, and failed URLs.
  • Analytics — See what people are searching to reach your website, along with referrals, locales, and goals to determine where you need to direct your focus.
  • Social — Easily manage all of your social media accounts from one location, and add posts at any time.
  • Local Profiles — View and manage all of your local listings to make updates faster and easier.
  • Competitors — Compare your efforts to competitors with detailed insights.
  • Content — Manage blog posts and other website content.
  • Reviews — See new aggregate client reviews from a variety of sites including Yelp.
  • PPC Reports — ¬Get complete details regarding your PPC campaign, including display ads and keywords.

There are many other reporting tools available through our Dashboard in addition to these. Using this system, you’ll never be left in the dark regarding your marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing Using SEO

Internet Marketing Using SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge factor in successful online marketing campaigns today. While many businesses rely on outbound marketing efforts, pushing ads in hopes of landing on interested leads who won’t simply avoid them, inbound marketing is becoming more popular. SEO allows businesses to target people who are actively searching for products or services, helping them appear in the top results to draw more traffic. Using SEO, including keyword-targeted content and other optimization tactics, people will be more likely to find you when searching for the right company to help them.

As a leading Chicago online marketing consultant, we’ll help you develop top-quality content that generates the kind of traffic you want, with a growing number of high-quality leads. Our SEO experts will learn about your audience and perform in-depth keyword research to locate terms that this target audience is entering into popular search engines. We can then incorporate these keywords into engaging content, with quality backlinks and other SEO strategies to keep your website ahead of the competition. We can write and manage blogs, website content, off-site content, meta data, and many other aspects of your SEO campaign.

Internet Marketing Using PPC

Internet Marketing Using PPC Unlike SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) involves inbound marketing through tactical display ad campaigns that can accompany an SEO campaign. Customers searching for certain products or services may become targets of relevant ads that display on websites that those visitors frequent, encouraging them to turn to you to meet their needs. PPC coupled with SEO can fortify your internet marketing efforts and help you target the right audience.

OneIMS can develop a campaign ad that gives you the best results possible from your PPC campaign. Our experts can learn about your audience to design and develop display ads that are likely to appeal to those demographics. You’ll also be able to use our Dashboard to see how effective those ads are, with details about click-through rates. We’ll help make sure your PPC ads experience maximum visibility.

Work with a Reliable Chicago Online Marketing Company Today

Work with a Reliable Chicago Online Marketing Company Today

OneIMS can help you learn what your business needs to improve upon regarding your internet marketing campaign, with customizable solutions based on those individual needs. Our SEO and PPC solutions can give your company the means to succeed well above your competitors, with a higher number of better leads. You’ll benefit from attractive content, higher search engine rankings, stronger email campaigns, and top-quality display ads that allow your company to stand out.

If you want your business to see better results from your online marketing efforts, OneIMS is a leading Chicago internet marketing firm that can make sure nothing is holding you back. We can work with you to develop a solution that’s right for you, and keep you within your available budget. We’ll also help you keep track of your campaign’s efforts, with consistent reporting that gives you a clear idea about how well your company is performing.

Want to get started on an online marketing campaign today? Contact us by calling us at 1-888-663-4671, or fill out our online contact form to provide some information about your project. We’re ready to work with you immediately to develop a solution that’s best-suited for your business.

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  • We have partnered with OneIMS for the last 10 years to not only build and manage our website but also to support our SEO and inbound marketing initiatives. They do great work in addition to being easy to work with and always bring new ideas to the table. I would recommend them to everyone looking to improve their web presence and demand generation efforts.

    Greg Henry, CEO - DecisionPoint Systems, Inc.
  • We have been working with OneIMS for many years now, and I can honestly say the output and quality of work has been top notch. They have helped us enormously with our overall online presence, and provided some innovative solutions regarding our SEO, lead generation and nurture programs. They introduced us to HubSpot & I can honestly say they are an extension of our Marketing Department.

    Rob Helmke, Marketing Director - Plastic Ingenuity
  • OneIMS have had a big impact on helping us grow our business. They are on top of technology and marketing in digital media. Their ideas and marketing campaigns have truly made an impact on our business growth.

    Lisa Saul, Direct of Marketing - Amcraft Manufacturing
  • OneIMS has been instrumental in growing our market share. With their help we have truly become an industry leader in our space. Their online marketing strategies have tremendously helped us expand our brand reach. Their marketing programs are ROI driven and we have seen measurable impact on our top line goals.

    David Schmetterer, President - Crawford Laboratories
  • Our inbound marketing efforts and the resulting traffic and leads have been on a steep incline since we started working with OneIMS team. We have been extremely satisfied with the campaign progress and continue to invest more dollars into our ongoing online initiatives.

    Sophia Daukus, Director of Marketing - Florock
  • We decided to partner with OneIMS after careful consideration. They understood our vision and our business goals and helped us reach our target audience of architects and construction companies through a strong web strategy. They have helped us accomplish our objectives by developing and deploying our corporate website and marketing efforts through Google Adwords and other online marketing campaigns.

    Moshe Konstantin, CEO - CPI Daylighting
  • OneIMS has been a tremendous asset to the development of my firm’s web marketing strategy. They were involved in all of the creative and functional aspects of our website design and they continue to provide support for any ongoing marketing and promotions. I sincerely appreciate all the efforts they have made on our behalf and I plan to continue working with them.

    Charlie Jones, Sr. Marketing Manager - Netcom
  • Team at OneIMS is highly organized, efficient and attentive to our marketing needs. I have worked with them for several years now. They have been a tremendous asset to our company’s success. With us having a lot of last minute campaigns, they ensure the highest quality work regardless of time constrains.

    Erin Hodges, Director of Marketing - DecisionPoint Systems
  • The people at OneIMS are energetic, thoughtful, and always willing to give that extra little bit that makes them stand out from the rest.

    Rachel Souter, Director of Marketing - Apex-Ware
  • After years of good work from team at OneIMS, it is difficult to not consider both Samuel and Co-owner Solomon Thimothy my personal friends. I've used OneIMS for web development, SEO, and advice on how to best penetrate the online social media opportunity. Samuel and team have helped my business in many ways become more marketable. I anticipate using their services for years to come.

    Brian Berg, President & CEO - BB Direct