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The Scope: Marketing At Work: Local Toyota Dealership


Today’s featured business: Local Toyota Dealership The last blog post I wrote was very much focused on a large, nationally recognized brand. However, in this post I’d like to shift my attention to a more localized business. Yes, it carries the brand name of Toyota, but this particular dealership would certainly be considered a small […]

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Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Useful?

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Online marketing may seem like it’s consuming every aspect of marketing out there, but the need for effective use of various print forms remains evident. Print now extends beyond direct mail marketing to take advantage of interrelated mediums such as associated direct mail landing pages and printed brochures with QR codes to help spread the […]

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5 Pitfalls of Direct Mail Marketing


Direct mail campaigns are a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Using them wisely can bring in new business, build customer loyalty and expand your brand awareness beyond other types of advertising. While they are one of the oldest marketing tools, direct mail campaigns require more than just sending out a postcard to a mailing […]

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5 Direct Mail Tips


Direct mail campaigns are a powerful resource for any business. Not only are they highly targeted, measurable and flexible, they are also easy to personalize and cost effective. The tips below will help you get your direct mail campaign on the right track for a great return on your investment. 1. Research Your Target Market […]

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Creating a Successful Postcard Mailing


In today’s internet-driven marketing environment, it’s easy to forget about traditional forms of marketing. After all, new practices should be better than old ones, right? Not always. Direct mail campaigns are still one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers. But any old postcard campaign will not do. To be successful, a postcard requires a […]

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing


Direct Mail Marketing has been a marketing cornerstone since the first concepts of a postal service. Before the Internet’s capability to feed information to anywhere in the world, marketing catalogs and other forms of direct mail marketing were often how people in rural areas purchased what they needed to survive. Just because the Internet is […]

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Spring Into Action with Local Search Marketing


Spring is here! Spring forward with a comprehensive marketing strategy that focuses on your local target market. Whether you have an online storefront or a brick-and-mortar store, local search marketing solutions are great for increasing the exposure and visibility of your business as well as generating more traffic to your website. Here are a few […]

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Using PURLs to Increase Attendance at Your Next Event


Organizing a company event, whether on a small or large scale, is time consuming and requires significant planning and coordination. Of course, all this is done in hopes of a great turnout. Event attendance, however, cannot be measured until the event is launched, so why not increase attendance rates by combining the power of direct […]

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How to Integrate Technology into your Direct Mail Pieces


It may be true that businesses have been able to function without high-tech marketing strategies for decades. However, this school of thought is now separating the businesses of today from the businesses of tomorrow. Today’s marketing environment is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up with all the new trends and marketing techniques. […]

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QR Codes Part 2 – 4 Ways To Use QR Codes In Your Direct Mail Pieces


See part 1 of this series on QR codes: What are QR Codes? As smartphones continue to increase in popularity, QR codes are an easy way to appeal to your tech-savvy customers while increasing the response rate on your direct mail campaigns. The power of QR codes stems from their ability to provide customers with […]

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