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Marketing in the Summer Season: 3 Ways to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities


Summer provides a change of pace and scenery for many customers, as children take a break from school and professionals schedule vacation time to travel or spend with family.  The changes of the season can be a challenge for marketing professionals who strive to make connections with clients through the routines and rhythms of daily […]

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Business Owners Enjoy Increased Deliverability and Effectiveness with eDirectMail’s Comprehensive Email Marketing Suite


OneIMS, a full service marketing company in Chicago, IL, provides a comprehensive web-based email marketing suite that can easily be tailored to meet the needs of marketing professionals from many industries.  Today’s online business owners require comprehensive, user-friendly email marketing solutions with the wide range of services and flexibility to target their unique goals.  eDirectMail, […]

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The Warmer Approach to Cold-Calling


Telemarketers have, over the years, replaced the un-invited door-to-door salesmen. Back in the day, a door in the face was enough to tell any salesperson that the average household had no desire to entertain or be entertained by a stranger who shows up at the door, let alone a stranger with something to sell. Nowadays, […]

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Subject Lines That Jump Off The Page: How to Capture Attention in a Few Words


Have you ever noticed that when you open your email inbox, some emails catch your attention instantly, while others go relatively unnoticed?  Email marketing messages must contend with so many other competing messages in the inbox.  Creating split-second interest with a compelling subject line is the key to attracting readers to click and read more. […]

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Customized Websites: The Attract and Retain Website Visitors Approach


  We have fallen on hard times. This thought has been made by the heads of many prominent businesses. The economy is merciless, and businesses are struggling to stay afloat in midst of the aggressive storm. Marketing strategies have either been stripped down to its bare minimum or heavily equipped as soldiers ready for battle. […]

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Marketing in a Recession with Variable Data Printing (VDP)


  During a recession, the business owners that survive – and even thrive – are those who take advantage of the unique opportunities of the times.  In a business climate in which many marketers are cutting expenses by slashing marketing budgets, some are using the latest advances in variable data and digital printing to make […]

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Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation Online


  Everyone loves to hear praiseworthy comments about their company, services, and products. It makes business owners and entrepreneurs feel like they’ve done things right. Well, unless your business has the Midas touch, there are definitely areas you can still improve on. Many companies have now migrated to conduct at least some part of their […]

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Brand Management: Three Ways To Highlight Value Instead of Price


On the front lines of brand management, marketing professionals interact regularly with potential customers who are seeking solutions to their problems in valuable and dependable products and services.  How we engage prospects in sales conversations is a powerful indicator of how our products will be received.  These three value-driven marketing techniques will help your prospective […]

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How To Maximize Profits With Pricing Strategy In An Economic Downtime


During an economic slowdown, business owners face distinct challenges in pricing their products and services.  Today’s marketers strive to extend affordable prices to consumers who are making purchases with more apprehension and consideration, but lowering prices to attract careful customers also lowers the profit margin.  Large corporations can afford to slash prices to move higher […]

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Five Ways To Improve Customer Service With Customer Feedback


 Marketing Tips for Economic Downtime In today’s unpredictable marketing climate, many business owners are riding the waves of our recent economic tides by focusing their attention on the customer. Thoughtful customer feedback is one of the most valuable sources of information to consider for informed marketing decisions.  However, eliciting informative customer feedback is sometimes easier […]

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