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Pay-Per-Click advertising is not a do-it-yourself solution!


Online marketing in general, especially, Pay-Per-Click advertising is not a simple task. It requires in-depth knowledge about how search engines works. I often come across clients who think that PPC Management is something an average web user can do. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I just went to a meeting for one of my […]

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Getting the Most of Your Mobile E-mail Marketing Campaign


Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way we do marketing.  Research shows that e-mail marketing will reach close to $30 million in spending in 2009 alone.  That sum is expected to nearly double by 2014.  Briefly said, mobile marketing is the new era.  To get the most out of your mobile marketing campaign, make sure you […]

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Client Retention: The Loyalty Connection


If you talk to any business owner, a common concern is how to bring in new business or new customers. We are wired to believe that increased revenue comes from our ability to constantly draw in more clients. This is true to an extent. What many businesses fail to see, however, is the importance of […]

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Increasing the Credibility of Your Website


While having a website is a step in validating the credibility of your business, a badly laid out website can cause your visitors to wonder about the credibility of your overall operation.  Creating a website is no longer something that only large companies can afford to do.  “Home-made” websites are popping up all over the […]

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Marketing in the Summer Months: Your Secret Weapon

volleyball on the beach

While most businesses experience a slump in the summer months, giving up and going into hibernation can be detrimental.  A limited amount of industries fare well during the vacation months.  For the rest us, the summer months present a great opportunity to reassess marketing techniques and plan for the future.  Here are a few things […]

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Maximize on Summer Profits with VDP Technology


Variable Data Printing (VDP) allows marketers to target a highly specified customer base with the use of specialty data and mailing lists.  Business owners can actually imagine “the perfect customer,” the one most likely in need of their goods and services, and then systematically target individuals who fall into the target market category according to […]

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Marketing in the Summer Season: 3 Ways to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities


Summer provides a change of pace and scenery for many customers, as children take a break from school and professionals schedule vacation time to travel or spend with family.  The changes of the season can be a challenge for marketing professionals who strive to make connections with clients through the routines and rhythms of daily […]

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Business Owners Enjoy Increased Deliverability and Effectiveness with eDirectMail’s Comprehensive Email Marketing Suite


OneIMS, a full service marketing company in Chicago, IL, provides a comprehensive web-based email marketing suite that can easily be tailored to meet the needs of marketing professionals from many industries.  Today’s online business owners require comprehensive, user-friendly email marketing solutions with the wide range of services and flexibility to target their unique goals.  eDirectMail, […]

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The Warmer Approach to Cold-Calling


Telemarketers have, over the years, replaced the un-invited door-to-door salesmen. Back in the day, a door in the face was enough to tell any salesperson that the average household had no desire to entertain or be entertained by a stranger who shows up at the door, let alone a stranger with something to sell. Nowadays, […]

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