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Solomon Thimothy - March 1, 2012

OneIMS is a Chicago Pay Per Click company that combines expertise, knowledge and proven strategies to get customers top results on all major search engines. Β When it comes to Chicago Pay Per Click companies, OneIMS is ranked highest on customer satisfaction, best results, personalized attention and competitive pricing for pay per click campaigns.

We can assist you with:

Keyword identification

Our expert Pay Per Click management team will work with you to brainstorm, research and designate the right keywords to give you top results.


Ad design

We will assist you with designing and creating ads based on relevant keywords and key phrases to use on the major search engines.


Budget Setting

Continuous monitoring of your campaign ensures that your money is spent only on the keywords that yield the highest results.


Landing page optimization recommendations

To maximize the results of your Pay Per Click campaign, we can assist you with development of landing pages including content selection and design to drive more traffic to your website.


Comprehensive reporting

Based on your needs, we can provide you with detailed reports showing you the progress of your Pay Per Click campaign.


Ongoing support and recommendations

Our team of experts will monitor your campaign closely to offer support and recommendations to achieve better results and increased ROI.


Integration with other marketing efforts

OneIMS can also help you with integration of Pay Per Click campaigns with your other marketing efforts to give you maximum results.

At OneIMS, a Chicago Pay Per Click company, we can help you design and monitor cost-effective Pay Per Click campaigns to give you the best online expsoure possible. Β Our marketing specialists will work closely with you to maximize your ROI. Call 1-888-ONE-IMS-1 to speak to one of our marketing specialists today!

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