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Why Creativity is Important in Social Media

Solomon Thimothy - November 30, 2012

When it comes to “business skills,” too often, creativity is overlooked. Art classes aren’t really offered at business school, and companies often ask marketers to create generic work to promote the brand instead of something a bit more noticeable. Lack of creativity in the business world is an issue that can affect your organization, as that talent could have what it takes to advance your brand. Today, social media marketing must have meaningful creativity and here are some reasons why.


1. To Make Your Brand Stand Out


It seems like every company and organization has multiple social media accounts. For this reason, it can be hard to get your content to stand out and make a difference. Even if it means you post less frequently, you should make sure that the content you put out to your viewers, clients, and potential customers not only means something, but is also interesting to look at. There are countless viral videos, memes, and the like on the web, so making yours stand out is a tall order, but it’s imperative if you want it to have any effect on your business.


2. To Educate and Entertain


Today’s market for information is much different than it was even five years ago. The internet has made once-difficult to find information available at the click of a button, so what you put out there now not only has to be educational, but entertaining as well so that you can hold potential customers’ attention.


3. To Avoid Gimmicky Marketing


Fresh and fun marketing doesn’t mean you have to host giveaways or contests all the time. While this might get you a few followers who want the prize, it won’t create much new business in the long run. Instead, put some planning behind the content you post on social media so that when it goes live, it strengthens the value of your brand instead of weakens it to that of a business that needs to offer rewards in exchange for attention.


Bottom Line


It is crucial that you include meaningful creativity into your social media approach and keep track of the results. It may take more time and effort to plan quality dispatches, but it will pay off in the long run.

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