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5 Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid

Solomon Thimothy - April 15, 2012

ecommerceAn ecommerce store is a highly effective and economical way to grow your business beyond your brick-and-mortar store. It is an easy way to multiply sales without incurring exorbitant costs. Since selling online does not require extra square footage, displays or employees, an ecommerce solution is an ideal way to increase profits with minimal investment and risk.

The primary goal is to make shopping easy and enjoyable. From searching for a particular product to entering payment information, the design of your ecommerce website requires careful planning to ensure that shoppers have a pleasant experience. Not only will this prevent shoppers from leaving your website, it will also bring them back time after time.

Avoid the following 5 ecommerce mistakes for better sales and happy customers.

1. Finding Products Requires an Advanced Degree
There’s nothing worse than not finding what you want. If your ecommerce website does not offer a clear path to finding products, it will ultimately fail. Make sure your ecommerce website allows shoppers to easily find products through a clear navigation system and a search bar.

2. Outdated Products or Unavailable Products
Having an ecommerce store requires as much attention as a real store. From promotions to inventory management, your online store requires regular attention. Make sure that inventory is accurate and that you update products on a regular basis. This prevents shoppers from becoming discouraged and disappointed with your selection.

3. Payment Process is Too Complicated
To avoid abandoned shopping carts, your payment process should be simple and friendly. Asking too many questions, requesting too much information or requiring a dozen steps will be a deterrent for any online shopper. Keep your payment steps simple and offer a variety of ways to accept payment for best results.

4. No Customer Service
Even if it’s an online store, shoppers still have questions. Providing them with answers during the buying cycle can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. Ecommerce websites should be equipped with live chat options and toll-free numbers to answer questions immediately. Expecting shoppers to contact you via a web form is unrealistic. A detailed FAQ section is also helpful.

5. Insufficient Security Systems
Given the popularity of online shopping and the millions of ecommerce websites, it’s important to design your website with the security of your shoppers in mind. Safe payment processing is key for shoppers. From SSL certificates to detailed policies, shoppers need to feel that they can trust you. Make your security policies prominent to build trust in shoppers.

Creating, managing and promoting an ecommerce website is an important part of growing your business beyond your physical store. A well-designed and managed ecommerce store has the opportunity of multiplying your sales without much extra work. Keep your design focused on user experience and create a plan for promoting your products and your ecommerce store online for maximum results.

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