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Five Free Tools for Managing Your Twitter Account

Solomon Thimothy - April 13, 2012
Twitter Mentionmapp

A screen grab of OneIMS’s Mentionmapp  (Click for large)

The chance that you’re using the social networking site twitter.com for personal or business use is very high.  (If you are on twitter, please follow OneIMS!)  In the past six years since it was founded, twitter has grown exponentially in popularity.  Recent research has found that there are over 500 million twitter accounts and that a new account is created every eleven seconds.

Though twitter is great on its own, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of third party applications and programs that will help you get more out of the site.


1. HootSuite

HootSuite allows you to check multiple accounts (up to five on the free version) on twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn at the same time, saving the hassle of having to log into each network individually.  Through HootSuite you may tweet and retweet, even schedule tweets to post at a later time or date.  A scheduling tool is a must-have for businesses using twitter and wanting to manage their time efficiently.

2. TweetChat

TweetChat is necessary for those wanting to participate in twitter chats.  A twitter chat is a conversation that happens at a specific time (generally on weekly basis) about a specific topic.  Tweeters use one hashtag to indicate their tweet is part of the conversation.  TweetChat will show you only tweets with that hashtag.  You can also post and reply directly through TweetChat, and it will add the hashtag to the end of your posts.

3. Mentionmapp

Mentionmap is good to use when you want to get a good grasp on how someone is using twitter, or when you’re trying to find more relevant twitter accounts to follow.  Type in the twitter handle you’re curious about (or your own) and mentionmapp will pop up with who that handle has mentioned, and then who those people have mentioned, as well as the most common hash tags the various people have used.

4. Twitpic

As functional as twitter is, it does not have a built-in photo-sharing capability.  Twitpic is the straight-forward answer to that problem.  Quickly and easily share photos and videos by uploading them from your computer or smart phone app.  Twitpic provides a short URL to include in your tweet so your followers can read your tweet and view your photo or video easily.

5. Qwitter

Have you ever noticed that you have fewer followers than you did a few days ago, and wonder who unfollowed you and why? Qwitter will email you and let you know both who unfollowed you and what you tweeted prior to their unfollowing.


You might have noticed that we didnot recommend using any service that auto-follows people who follow you.  People who are brand new to twitter might think this is the nice thing to do, or just how it works—it’s not!  There will be many people who follow you that you do not want to follow back.  If you’re using twitter for business, you only want to follow accounts that are in line with your brand.  Who you follow is public and interested customers can and will browse through your list.

Twitter is an amazing social networking resource and if you’re using it for business and marketing, it’s to your advantage to use it fully.  If you have any favorite free twitter tools that we didn’t mention here, please let us know in the comments.  And don’t forget to follow OneIMS on twitter.  Happy tweeting!

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