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Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Solomon Thimothy - December 23, 2011

marketing-avoidAt its core, content marketing is the creation and sharing of content with the ultimate purpose of attracting new customers, engaging with potential customers and nurturing current customers relationships.  By producing high-quality, relevant content, business owners stand to gain brand loyalty and potential business from prospects.

When creating content, avoid making these simple mistakes to grow your potential customer base and gain respect from current customers.

Having No Plan

If content creation is not part of your current marketing plan, it needs to be.  Just like you plan out your marketing campaigns, content marketing has to be well planned.  A content schedule may be a good idea to keep you on track to creating frequent and useful content to your audience.

Not Writing for Your Customers
Many companies assume that customers want to know more about them.  Not necessarily.  For the most part, customers want to know how you’re working to make their lives better.  When creating content, think of what your customers may be looking for and write on those topics.

Not Encouraging Interaction
The whole point of content marketing is to share.  If you are sharing but not allowing any interaction, then you’re really not sharing at all.  Make sure you allow readers to provide feedback or opinions on the content you post – this may lead to even better content.

Producing Only One Type of Content

While written content is great, aim to produce different types of content to keep your readers engaged.  Webinars, podcasts, videos, newsletters and white papers are just a few of the many different types of content you can create.

Content marketing is becoming ever more important for businesses.  Producing interesting and engaging content translates into great benefits for your company including leadership status in your industry, lead generation and improving customer retention.  A well-executed content marketing strategy can do this and much more for your company!

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