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The Time to Readjust your PPC Search Strategy is Now!

Solomon Thimothy - August 11, 2011

These days it’s pretty easy to get overly focused on implementing your pay-per-click campaigns and completely forget about doing the search strategy and planning. However it’s critical to keep an eye on the big picture and all the steps involved to it. Planning cannot be understated especially when it’s so easy to go astray. Here are a few key points to help you reassess your PPC campaign and get it back on track.

Target Market – Be sure you understand what your target markets interests and preferences are and how your search program is going to reach them. It’s not just a bunch of keywords after all, know what words your audience uses to search for your product to better target that market.

Goals – Without a clear indicator of what you’re trying to attain it’s hard to judge your success. Know what sort of sales and conversion numbers you wish to see as well as what products you are focusing on. How do all of your campaigns match up to this goal if they are part of it?

Tracking – When you have clear goals set, make sure that you’re able to track specific conversion goals like registration or sales. These help you to track the actual value rather than just the clicks generated and are a better indicator of your actual success and profit

Integration with Marketing Mix – Your PPC search strategy should integrate into your other marketing plans, even the seasonal ones! How does it fit in? What % of marketing mix is devoted to search for both budget and the projected sales?

There are bunches of other ways to adjust your PPC strategy. Spend some time researching and planning to get better results from your PPC search campaign and boost your visibility on the web. Now is the perfect time to evaluate this year’s PPC account and make adjustments for the rest of this year and next year.

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