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Creating Positive Interactions on Your Website

Solomon Thimothy - February 23, 2011

Long gone are the days of static websites that simply provided information to visitors. Today’s savvy customers demand more from a website than simple contact information. Visitors are looking for positive interactions that provide them with exactly what they need, whether that’s an in-depth explanation, a demonstration or a question answered real-time.

Creating positive interactions on your website depends largely on what you have to offer your visitors. If you’re looking for ways to increase the time visitors spend on your website, you need to provide them with various options of interacting with your website. Below are just a few of the things any modern website should utilize to increase time spend on site leading to better conversion and lower bounce rates.

Videos are a great way to engage visitors. More than entertaining, videos can powerfully convey your value proposition to your visitors. Whether they are video testimonials or demos, they are one of the most effective ways to get the attention of your visitors and call them to action.

Live Chat
By offering a live chat option you give your customers an opportunity to ask questions real-time. Most importantly, live chat options are an ideal way to interact with visitors and turn them into customers before they leave your site. In addition to answering questions, you can shine through with outstanding customer service, leaving visitors impressed and wanting to come back.  Live chat also allows you to monitor visitor behavior and their search patterns, providing you insightful information about your prospects and customers.

What’s better than offering a direct connection to you? Using click-to-call technology, customers can easily make a  phone call and talk to a real person instantly and get their questions answered or order fulfilled. Most importantly, click-to-call can track and monitor visitor phone calls.

Triggered Emails and Drip Campaigns
Perhaps the most important and often overlooked is the need for instantaneous feedback and follow up when visitors attempt to contact you via your website. Personalized and relevant emails that reflects your  level of interest would help nurture the relationship and increase conversion rate. Whether your visitors are signing up for your newsletter, downloading a white paper, requesting a quote or submitting a question, you should create triggered emails to keep communication flowing.

In today’s competitive market, it is imperative that your website is creating positive interactions while your potential prospects and customers are visiting your website. Apply these simple technologies to increase the visitor interaction on your website.

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