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QR Codes Part 1 – What are QR Codes?

Solomon Thimothy - October 4, 2010

QR CodeWhat Is A QR Code?
QR codes are starting to gain more traction in cross media marketing. A Quick Response Code, or QR Code, is a matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) that is like a paper-based hyperlink. They have become popular (especially in Japan) for broad, often commercial purposes.

How Does A QR Code Work?
Using a smartphone, take a picture of the QR code, and then you can use a QR scanner program to read the code. Many newer phones are coming with default QR scanners, but there are a variety of iPhone apps, Android apps, and Blackberry apps available for this purpose.

Because QR codes encode information horizontally and vertically, unlike barcodes that just encode horizontally, they can fit more data into a smaller space. Also, QR codes can be read from any angle, and the information will still transfer.

What Do You Use A QR Code For?
QR codes are made to easy link and transfer information on smartphones. Here are a few examples of information that can be sent through QR codes.

  • Personal or company contact information that can be saved directly to the smartphone.
  • An embedded phone number that the phone can dial immediately.
  • A company home page URL or a specific destination on a social network (e.g. a Facebook fan page).
  • A calendar event with location, title, start and end time, and alarm.
  • A physical address with location information.

As smartphones increase in popularity, QR codes are bound ot become more common. QR codes can help jumpstart your mobile marketing campaign or help increase your direct mail reach.

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