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Multichannel Cross Media Marketing Initiatives are Growing in Interest Because of their Effectiveness

Solomon Thimothy - January 13, 2010

cross-media-marketingAccording to a recent article published in DMNews by Dianna Dilworth, FedEx is getting ready to execute a multichannel marketing campaign in 2010 as part of the company’s new strategy to integrate its brand messaging and creative across channels. The marketing efforts include both online and offline channels with a unified message directing consumers to a microsite designed to engage them.

Steve Pacheco, director of advertising at FedEx, stated that, it is the first truly integrated marketing campaign launched by the company. He firmly believes that it is crucial to integrate as many channels of communications as possible since consumers are in all of these places and different people are receptive different channels.

This particular marketing initiative utilizes search and display ads, social media marketing, online video, direct mail marketing, TV ads and email campaigns. The integrated marketing efforts target both existing customers and potential new ones.

Did You Know?
An InfoTrends research report titled Multi-Channel Communications: Measurement and Benchmarking surveyed more than 200 marketers.  Over 72 percent of the respondents were using at least four channels for marketing, while more than 25 percent were using more than six channels as part of their marketing campaigns.

In today’s market place, it is imperative to utilize a multi-channel multi-touch approach to engage your target audience to ensure the best result possible.

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