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Gain Customers With a Customized Landing Page


Having a customized landing page that is connected to an online search advertisement or email marketing campaign can improve life by 40% according to a survey by CrownPeak. However, many marketers do not link to a relevant landing page, losing potential data and sales.

The “Holiday PPC Ad Strategies” study found that 66% of holiday-themed search ads took people to a home page or other page not specifically related to the advertisement. This confused and annoyed potential customers who visited the site.

Of this 66%, almost 13% went to the site’s home page and the rest went to general category pages or canned “searches” that didn’t specifically play off of the advertising copy.

Only 34% of the ads analyzed directed people to specific landing pages that reflected the text or theme of the original ad and encouraged shoppers to buy.

When running an online advertisement, it is important to have linked landing pages. When viewers click on the advertisement it is because there was something they saw that they were interested in. When they can’t find that information again, they’ll leave your site and go somewhere else. Linked landing pages are crucial to turning over visitors to customers.

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Solomon Thimothy

Written By Solomon Thimothy

Solomon Thimothy is the founder and CEO of OneIMS - Integrated Marketing Solutions. OneIMS, based in Chicago, is a leader in digital marketing with services ranging from web design to search engine marketing. OneIMS has a proven track record of result-driven ROI-building strategies for small and mid-size businesses.

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