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Marketing in the Summer Season: 3 Ways to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

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Summer provides a change of pace and scenery for many customers, as children take a break from school and professionals schedule vacation time to travel or spend with family.  The changes of the season can be a challenge for marketing professionals who strive to make connections with clients through the routines and rhythms of daily life.  This summer, take advantage of the unique marketing opportunities of the season and connect with your clients as they enjoy a time of leisure and entertainment.

#1 – Get Ahead of the Competition

Because of the slow summer season, many marketers take a break from actively pursuing new business during the summer months.  Take advantage of a slow advertising season and increase your advertising presence.  Although sales are slower in the summer, you’ll pick up more business just by being visible.

#2 – Promote Seasonal Services

The summer season is a great time for attention-grabbing promotions.  Offer special discounts on a high-interest product to attract customers and highlight seasonal promotions that will attract vacationers, or families with children on summer break.  Run a special on sunscreen or highlight a chance to win a weekend getaway!

#3 – Start Working Ahead for the Next Season

Business may be slow in the summer months, but this provides a great opportunity and the extra time needed to start planning for the busy marketing season that begins immediately after Labor Day.  Spend some time analyzing marketing data, work on a new product, or start planning ahead for a spectacular back-to-school campaign.

This summer, don’t lose your steam when business starts to slow down.  Instead, follow these summer marketing tips to turn your challenges into opportunities.

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Solomon Thimothy

Written By Solomon Thimothy

Solomon Thimothy is the founder and CEO of OneIMS - Integrated Marketing Solutions. OneIMS, based in Chicago, is a leader in digital marketing with services ranging from web design to search engine marketing. OneIMS has a proven track record of result-driven ROI-building strategies for small and mid-size businesses.

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