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Direct Mail Marketing: A New Spin on an Industry Standard

direct mail marketingAs modern marketing practices become increasingly high-tech and advanced with every innovation in communications technology, you might be surprised to learn that overwhelming research indicates that a standard of the industry, direct mail marketing, continues to be a strong and high-yielding option, especially in today’s slowing economy.  Print in the Mix, a  clearinghouse on print media effectiveness, follows marketing data in all areas of print marketing, including direct mail, magazines and catalogs, newspapers, and custom publishing.  According to Print in the Mix, in 2008, direct mail marketing campaigns produced a ROMI (return on marketing investment) of over $15 for every $1 spent.  This far surpasses ROMI for traditional media such as telephone ($8.58), television ($6.89), or radio advertising ($8.68).

Yet the industry professionals who are currently yielding the most profitable results are those who are combining the proven effectiveness of direct mail marketing strategies with the advanced communications capabilities inherent in internet and email marketing.

Traditional direct mail marketing campaigns contact potential customers through mail with a generic postcard or flyer with general information and an open invitation.  A vast improvement on conventional direct mail marketing, Variable Data Printing (VDP) gives business owners the ability to specifically target each individual with a highly personalized message which invites the customer to interact instantly with the business through a Personalized URL.  Imagine having the ability to target each potential customer through direct mail with a custom message specific to his or her unique needs and characteristics.  With Variable Data Printing, your marketing message can be individualized for each recipient according to infinite criteria, including location, gender, age, ethnicity, and many others.  Your marketing message can invite each potential customer to connect with your business through a Personalized URL on the internet to receive a discount or to complete a transaction online.  Using Personalized URLs, you will be able to collect useful marketing data about the actions of your potential customers and use that data to your advantage in doing intelligent marketing on an ongoing basis.

Combined with the latest advances in Variable Data Printing technology, direct mail marketing practices become increasingly effective and profitable.  Traditional direct mail marketing campaigns often yield less than 2% ROI; however, by integrating VDP (Variable Data Printing) and PURL (Personalized URL), some marketers have reported as much as a 25% increase in their profits.

OneIMS:  Integrated Marketing Solutions specializes in helping business owners to integrate the various marketing solutions available today into a marketing plan specific to the unique needs and concerns of your industry.  Whether you need direct mail or print services, or internet or email marketing solutions, we exist to combine the best practices in marketing to help you achieve your objectives.  For more information about direct mail marketing or Variable Data Printing, please visit our website at www.oneims.com.

Want more information on increasing your market reach? The experts at OneIMS will guide you through a variety of available options within your budget.  For more information, contact OneIMS today at 1-888-ONE-IMS1.

Samuel Thimothy

Written By Samuel Thimothy

Samuel Thimothy is the VP of Sales and Marketing at OneIMS. With over 10 years of marketing experience, Sam has extensive expertise in the start-up space. His deep understanding of sales, marketing automation, and online marketing has allowed him to provide valuable insights, direction, and strategies, helping companies drive business and improve their lead generation.

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