Elements of a Marketing Plan – SMART Objectives

Solomon Thimothy - January 10, 2009

smart tips to marketA marketing plan objective is a statement that identifies your marketing goals and activities. Well-defined objectives serve several useful functions:

  • They force you to clarify your thought process.
  • They serve as a gauge or measure of your plans success.
  • They help you stay focused and consistent.
  • They are a motivational tool if the goals specified are attainable and challenging.
  • They help you integrate marketing strategies by analyzing your business and market.

A helpful tip to remember is to be S M A R T when reviewing your marketing plan objectives:

Specific- To increase sales at xyz development.  Be precise.

Measurable- To increase sales at xyz development by 15%.  Quantify your objective.

Achievable- Make sure you have the resources necessary to achieve your goal.  Some resources include money, people, technology, etc.

Realistic- Your objective should not be unreasonable.  Remember not to stretch yourself beyond your means.  Your objective should be a motivator for you, challenging but attainable, this will keep you enthusiastic and will reflect in your efforts.

Time-Specific- Set a deadline.  To increase sales by 15% at xyz development by August 2009.

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