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Podcast Power: Social Marketing in the Digital Age

Solomon Thimothy - October 9, 2008

podcast powerIn the past year, podcast audiences grew by 18%.  Videocast audiences grew by 10%.  With the many social marketing tools available today, podcasts continue to grow in popularity and many online marketers are realizing the incredible potential of podcasting as a social media tool.  30% of all internet users have downloaded and listened to a podcast.

The term “podcast” can be deceiving.  Listeners do not need an iPod or any kind of music player to listen to a podcast.  Almost half of all podcast listeners download programs and listen directly on their computers.  A videocast is simply a podcast with accompanying video.  Podcasts are informative or entertaining audio or video programs, focused on virtually any topic or theme.

Podcast Practices:  Three Hints for Podcasting as a Social Media Tool

1.    Keep it short.  The content of your podcast should determine the appropriate length.  Technical, informational podcasts can be short and simple, no longer than 10 minutes.  If the content is engaging and entertaining, a podcast can be as long as 30 minutes; any longer and you run the risk of losing your audience’s attention.

2.    Focus on a topic that interests your customers.  Potential listeners will be more likely to download and listen to your podcast if the title is a high-interest, specific topic.

3.    Provide an outlet for response.  Point your listeners to a website or online article to supplement their learning after the podcast is complete.  Make sure your listeners know what action to take and offer several ways for the listener to respond.

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