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WWW: World Wide Who? “Creating Good Business Exposure”

Solomon Thimothy - February 25, 2008

We are all familiar with the adage: “If everyone was jumping off a cliff would you do it too?” While the correct answer may be no, it is not always the case. In today’s highly competitive market, being everywhere and doing as much, if not more than your competitor, is compulsory.

I have heard from many small business owners that they have managed to survive for years (even decades) without a website, so why get one now? While not having a website may not have made a significant impact on their sales years ago, today’s world is very different, and the era of websites is one bandwagon you want to jump on.

From businessmen to tech-savvy teenagers, the Internet has become a place of knowledge. Nowadays, before making a decision about where to find a service or buy a product, most people do their homework and research online.

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So whether you are a car dealer, a shoe store, a restaurant or an educational institution, you want to be found—and a website can do just that for you.

Moreover, the use of Blackberry phones and other e-mail and internet ready phones allows people to search wherever they are. Just days ago, I wanted to find out if there was an Italian restaurant nearby. What did I do? I simply entered “Italian restaurant” and my zip code in a text message to Google. Seconds later, I received a text with the addresses and phone numbers of Italian restaurants in the area. How simple was that?

I didn’t necessarily expect to be able to view a menu or reviews on the restaurant, but I got the most important thing I wanted: an address and a phone number. That night, I had a delicious dinner at a restaurant I never knew existed. Had it not been for the Internet, I would have probably never gone there.

When people are looking for basic information, such as your phone number or address, being online opens yet another venue to be found. The era of phonebooks is over. No one thinks: “Let me go find the 20lb phone book to search for a restaurant in the area.” Instead, people are thinking: “Let me Google restaurants in the area.” The beauty of this is that the Internet can be accessed from your computer, laptop or phone from just about anywhere—Your phonebook?

Well, we’ll limit that to your house—unless you carry a spare one in the car—and even then, phonebooks are regional publications. That is to say, they cover a certain area. The Internet, unlike your phonebook, covers the entire world when it comes to information.

So say goodbye to your phonebook and say hello to your website. No matter how basic the site, being part of the “internet phonebook” is worth the effort and money. If you are considering moving with the new age, contact a professional team like OneIMS to help you achieve your goals and stay under budget.

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